Does working in an Online Business, from wherever you like, sound good to you?

If this sounds good to you, have you thought about working online as a career? It uses less money to get going that you might expect to start an online business.

With a little bit of thought you could start online in no time at all. Here are a few ideas you could try:-

Virtual Assistant

There are many administration tasks which are perfect for an online business, including telephone answering services, which can be managed from remote locations. This is where a Virtual Assistant becomes invaluable. This is becoming more common as many companies operate without an actual physical location.

You can start off with one or two clients in your spare time and build up as you gain in confidence and experience. You can narrow down to a particular specialty if you find a certain area you prefer, and take on more clients. This also allows you to increase your earning potential.


Content Marketing is the buzz-word for blogging these days one of the most popular ways to start an online business. This is where websites try to rank on the search engines with content relevant to the searched for phrase. With companies competing against each other, there is a high demand for people who can write quality content.

The content must be compelling to set the company above the crowd as it needs to turn the readers into customers. There are many opportunities if you are a skilled writer.


Do you have a particular skill or service you could offer? Particularly if it is where it would not justify a companies having a full time member of staff for that role. Working as a Freelancer could be the service for you. Can you write a certain computer language or use Photoshop to manipulate graphics? There will certainly be companies that will need your services.

The beauty of being a freelancer is: you can set your price, chose the projects you like to do and choose who you work for all while earning a good living.

Arbitrage (Buy low, sell high)

This can provide you with excellent margins from quite a simple concept. It is also a great way to start without using needing much start-up capital. E bay is one of the major players here, you can buy items at the weekends and setup your auctions in the evenings allowing you to start without quitting your day job.


If you are an expert in your field, put your knowedge to good use by coaching people. This can be done anywhere in the world by using Skype for example. Someone in New York could coach someone in Australia as easily as he could someone in the next state. If you are an expert in Business Coaching you could coach people by Skype or write a course which could be delivered by email or uploaded to one of the online learning sites such as Udemy.


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There are now plenty of “print on demand” services which mean you do not have to invest in a large stock of t-shirts in the hope that they will sell. Once you have your design, you advertise it and if it doesn’t sell you only have the loss of your time and have not had to invest in large amounts of stock.

Using Social Media you can publicise your designs and start making sales almost in an instant.


As with the t-shirt business above, there are also print on demand services available which can print out copies as they are sold. You book can also be sold in PDF format or via Amazon Kindle. By using the Amazon Kindle platform you are getting exposure on possible the most used book platform in the world without having to setup a website of your own. You are one Author in a very large crowd. Promotion on Amazon using PPC (pay per click) adverts is a whole subject on its own and far too complicated to go into here.

Become a Consultant

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Consulting can be very lucrative online business if you are good at what you do. Unlike Coaching, consultants are usually recruited for specific tasks or projects that a company requires help with and you will have to prove that you can provide value to the company.

By starting as Coach, you could build your brand and experience over time and turn into a more lucrative Consulting business.

Affiliate Marketing

The beauty of the affiliate marketing online business is that you do not need a product of your own. You can simply promote other peoples products, let them do all the payment taking and delivery, research and development and you can rake in the commission from sale that you have sent to them. This does not have to be just for online or digital products. It can be anything from snooker tables to bicycles. At the bottom of websites look out for a link that says something like “earn with us” or “affiliate program” and see what they are offering.

Now the downside to this is you need an audience to send the offer to. Whether you have an email list or a large social media following either can be good. Alternatively, you can advertise by paying for traffic and sending them to your dedicated affiliate link for them to see your offer. You will also be able to do some split testing where you can monitor your results by changing one thing at a time in your advert and seeing which performs best.

This is already a proven strategy which can work well and the commission levels, for digital products at least can be as high as 70%. The downside is that you are going to need some start-up capital for your advertising budget.

Video Blogger (Vlogging)

This will involve getting in front of a camera yourself, so this may not be for everyone! One this which seems to be popular online business at the moment is young women putting on make up whilst videoing themselves explaining how its done.

Another popular form of video blogging is where computer gamers use screen recording software and record themselves playing popular video games whilst providing a commentary of what they do.

You start your own YouTube channel and start uploading videos of your choice in the hope of building up a following. Once your following gets to a certain level YouTube will start showing advertisements before, and sometimes during, your videos. You then receive a percentage of the ad revenue from the ads shown to your viewers.

You will need to have an interesting twist or something unique to your videos. this isto catch the imagination of the viewers in order to make them popular enough to gain ad revenue.

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Above all, for your online business find something that you enjoy doing, that way it will not seem like work! Keep checking back to this site for more ideas on what to do online.