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Mastery Comes First

Don’t focus on expecting things to happen really fast. Instead, if you focus on building your skills, then your gifts will make room for you. Have patience. Yes, you want it all right now. But you’ve got to commit to mastery first. If you want…

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Scientific Tricks to Tell Brand Stories

How do you move your audience to action with stories? How do you create content that burrows into brains, slams into cells and triggers an exciting cavalcade of chemicals? By using science, that’s how:  

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50 Small Business Ideas for the Homeworker

Stay at Home Business Ideas for the HomeWorker Virtual Assistant Virtual assistants work on a contract basis with different businesses and individuals. They can handle a multitude of tasks remotely including email responses, scheduling and social media. Blogger If you’re a skilled writer, you can start…

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How to Add PayPal Buttons to your Website

Add PayPal Buttons and Get Paid for Your Offers Adding a PayPal button is one of the easiest ways for the online newbie to get paid. Setting up an account is easy and virtually anyone can do it. There are fees associated with taking payments,…

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