What Are Private Label Rights And Why Should You Use Them?


Since the inception of the Internet, business has become much easier. It has made the distribution of information about products all over the world almost instantly. For this very reason, businesses know that having an online presence will increase their income.

You No Longer Need Your Own Product

Most online business entrepreneurs therefore believe that the business must have its own product. This will help them generate a significant income. The beauty of this is that any type of information can become a product.

Instead of having your own product, it is also possible to have a “license” for another “information product”. This can be produced by any other source and purchased online. This type of License is known as Private Label Rights.

Resale Rights Marketing

Private label rights are part of what is called Resale Rights Marketing. Private label rights are thought to be the most lucrative and rewarding. You receive a certificate of authorisation with your information product. This will allow you to use, change, reorganise and improve the contents of your information products. You can personalise the product to fit your particular needs or style.

For example, if you buy a long information product such as an eBook, you can split the information up into small pieces and sell them in a sequence of separate pieces, such as a course.

The reverse of this can also be true. You can compile information from separate sources and bring it all together. Therefore you would be able to collate a series of articles with private label rights into a single piece of work. Then you can piece them all together into a definitive document on your chosen subject.

You Are The Author

The best part of all is that once you have done this you can put your own name as the author. No reference needs to be made to the original author or authors.

Here are some advantages of using private label rights (PLR)

  • It helps with creativity

Instead of staring at a blank page if you need content on a subject, the product can help you with               ideas. You can use the information for ideas and create an original document along the lines of the             original.

  • Ideal for making your name or building your brand.

You can find the information products with PLR to use as your own. You will create an impression             that it is you own product and you are professional. People will think you are skilled in your field.               This will help you build the trust you need to persuade the customers to buy your product.

  • Develop your own product.

It is simple just to customise or improve an information product so that it better fits your needs. This       can save you time looking for the right product for your needs. You will also save money by not                   having to create a product from scratch.

You may feel that to do this is plagiarism or unethical. Benefiting from the work of others without any recognition. The truth of the matter is that the seller is benefiting too. It will be unlikely that you will be able to get the latest up to date information with private label rights. The creator will have made money from the original content and the information sold with PLR will be “tired”.

You should therefore be aware that the information will have lost its prime income generating potential. By the offering of private label rights they are extending their income from the product. By allowing the enhancement of the product it can extend its useful life.