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Scientific Tricks to Tell Brand Stories

How do you move your audience to action with stories? How do you create content that burrows into brains, slams into cells and triggers an exciting cavalcade of chemicals? By using science, that’s how:  

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Boosting Your Page Ranking for ONE Keyword

You work hard on your page to optimize it for the keyword of your choice. And then lo and behold, Google does rank it – for an entirely different keyword. So what can you do? The key lies in making sure Google receives the right…

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Investments, Money and Parrots.

In a village, there lived two friends, John and Don. John was very wise and Don – not so much. One day, the two set out for the market in the nearby town to do some shopping. On reaching the market place, they were happy…

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50 Small Business Ideas for the Homeworker

Stay at Home Business Ideas for the HomeWorker Virtual Assistant Virtual assistants work on a contract basis with different businesses and individuals. They can handle a multitude of tasks remotely including email responses, scheduling and social media. Blogger If you’re a skilled writer, you can start…

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