How Writing Articles Can Help your Home Online Business Succeed


Many new home business owners do not realize the importance of writing articles and all the benefits of this wonderful marketing tool.

Many home business online entrepreneurs think the main benefit for their website is getting back links from other sites. They seem to forget that by writing articles the building their online reputation not only with their own readers but also with sites that specialize in distributing articles. People buy from people and through your articles you can build a relationship with your customers that could eventually turn them to visitors to your website and also into paying customers.

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1. Your prospective customers will get to know you through the articles you write. If you are just writing articles in the hope of getting a back link to your site when they are distributed people will realise your intention and almost certainly never click your link. Likewise, if your articles are just a thinly disguised sales page, your customers will feel you are trying to push the seal to hard and end up never buying. However, if your customers feel that through your article you are giving them help and value you will end up building a much better relationship with them.

Beware What You Publish

2. You need to remember what you put on the Internet today may come back and haunt you in the future. This could be a hard lesson to learn and may be extremely costly as people who research you in the future will undoubtedly find all your previous efforts and work. The problem is they may not realise this is from when you were brand-new to the Internet.

Include a Resource Box

3. In your articles is important to encourage readers to click on your resource box by making sure they get value from your articles.if you are intending on distributing a large number of articles in a short period of time you must not reduce the quality of the content of your articles. Each article should be given the same care and thought as if you were only writing one article a month.

Here are the two main problems home online business owners when writing articles:

1. How to write articles

2. How to effectively distribute articles

How to Get Articles

if you find it difficult to write an article is certainly worth learning how to as it will help them with both the frequency and the subjects in their particular niche.

1. initially it is possible to hire the services of a copywriter. There are many individuals and copywriting companies that will write articles on specific subject you wish. This article will be specifically written for you and not a copy which thousands of other people are using.

2. Once you receive your first articles you can change these into your wouldn’t. The benefit of this is that you put your own slant on the subject matter and hence the article will be written in your style.

3. Once you get used to this you can start getting what are known as ghost written articles. You can use these articles as they are as they have been given to many of the people. You need to totally rewrite these in your own words and not just change a couple of words or paragraphs. Failing to do this will cause your articles be rejected by the distribution websites. You need to make a completely new article on the same subject just using the original article as a guide. Some of the ways you can get these articles are:

You can buy articles

You can search for articles relating to your subject and choose different ideas from different articles to combine together. This can be done for free.

You can search article directories for similar articles to use for inspiration. This again can be done for free.

Remember the whole article needs to be rewritten in your own words. Failing to do this is, not ethical, will get you rejected by the article directories and in the worst case, blacklisted by the article directory.

Article distribution systems.

There are two ways of distributing your articles, manually or automatically. The automatic way is to use a software package or an article distribution service. I would avoid using the manual option unless there are sites which you feel a very important and definitely want your article submitted to them.

The automatic way will allow you to some meat your article to as many directories as possible. I would not advise limiting yourself to other one distribution service or software package that possibly use both at the same time.

There are quite a few different packages available in these can vary quite considerably in price. It is definitely worth doing your research at the time to find out what is your best option.

Submitting articles can be fun and also quite an ego boost as you will end up finding your name on articles all over the Internet.