How to use Social Networks for List Building – Part 3


This sounds like another Twitter application, but it’s actually a Facebook application. It is called “Selective Twitter” because it allows you to have any selective tweet that you post on Twitter also updated on your status update on Facebook. This is very useful because, if you simply tied in Twitter updates to Facebook updates, your followers on Facebook would get annoyed.list building home business hq

It’s a much different platform, and multiple status updates all day long is considered spamming on Facebook and will get you quickly unfriended or hidden. However, on Twitter, which is a microblogging platform, this is actually pretty common and expected.

Use the Selective Twitter application in Facebook to allow you to post to Facebook by simply adding a hashtag at the end of your tweet like this, “#fb” (without the quotes).


What if you also have profiles on Stumbleupon, Digg, and other social networking sites? You can use to put postings on all of them from a central source. This is a very effective tool for someone who has many different profiles all over the Web and wants to update them all from a central location. It can make you appear much more active than you really are.






Facebook Strategies For Building Lists

As of now, we’ve been pretty general about different ways for list building quickly. However, each social networking platform has its own idiosyncrasies that can be exploited to get you up and running faster. In this section, we’ll go over a simple way to get going on Facebook and how to use the features available on it to build your list.


Your profile on Facebook has a place called the Wall. There, you will have a box with the question ”What’s on your mind?” printed inside it. This is the status update part of Facebook, and it allows you to post links and comments so that your friends can see what’s going on in your life and business. The neat thing about the status update is that people can comment, rate it as “like,” and share it with their friends too.

When another person does any of these actions on your status update, their circle of friends who aren’t on your friends list also see your status update. That means, when you send out a status update, it has the potential to reach many more people than just the people who are in your circle of friends. That’s why you should post status updates throughout the day and should stay active so people see more of you online.

When they see something they like, many people will try to befriend you based on what you’ve said to one of your friends who is a mutual friend. Every time someone comments on your status update, reply with your own comment. This way, it will keep it up and active on more people’s news feeds than if you didn’t reply to them.


Try to find groups within your market niche and join as many as you can. Then, you want to befriend the people in the groups too. Contribute to the conversation, but find out who these people are who are in your group and get to know them better. When someone joins you on Facebook, post a brief message on his/her wall or send a link to a welcome video. If he/she likes it, he/she might share it with his/her friends too, and you’ll have an automatic wider audience.list building home business hq


If you choose to create your own group on a topic about your niche is great for list building, you will be able to attract people from all over Facebook, not just from your immediate circle of friends. That’s because Facebook will list it as its own entity, and people will join based on the topic and not on your personal profile.


Twitter Strategies For List Building

Twitter is a bit easier for list building because it is more transparent, and there are many third-party sites devoted just to helping you build your Twitter following. The very easiest strategy is just to start following people within your market niche. However, there’s even a better way to identify the people who have a large influence on Twitter; by following those people and they finding you interesting enough to follow back, you’ll get a lot of good press this way.


Once you’re following them, you can try to get noticed by simply retweeting something they’ve said that appeals to you. A retweet is a device that copies a tweet of someone’s and adds it to the other person’s status update as a new tweet in his/her stream.

If enough people do that, it has the potential to spread across the network like a virus, thus the naming of a “viral tweet.” If that happens, the person can reach millions in very little time and get massive exposure for himself/herself and his/her business.

The way to start all this is to either tweet something interesting or to retweet something someone else said that was interesting. Often, as a matter of courtesy, people will thank other people for retweeting their tweets, and it will include the person’s Twitter username in the stream.


Another way to build a bigger list on Twitter is to participate on Follow Fridays. That’s where you post recommendations of Tweeple on your status update so that others will follow them. Many people will thank you for the recommendation and will add you to their list of Follow Friday recommendations too. It’s easy to do. Just add the hash tag #FollowFriday at the end of a list of recommended Twitter usernames, and everyone will know that you are asking them to follow these people too.



Should You Hire A Social Media Expert?

Some people just don’t want to spend any time learning social networking platforms or posting their offerings on the status updates. They would prefer if someone else did all that, while they just sit back and get the emails that result from these activities.

While that’s a perfectly reasonable scenario, you do have to be aware that just about anyone can call himself/herself a social media expert, and you should take pains to hire someone who can produce results and not just hire pretty looking profiles that waste your time and money.


You want some proof that the person who is claiming expertise on social media actually has some. This can mean that you want to see high follower counts on Twitter and Facebook. You want to get a good idea of how he/she will target the people who will end up on your list.

You want some idea of his/her credentials and his/her accomplishments in his/her field. If he/she can prove to you that he/she has what it takes to do the same thing for you, by all means, hire him/her.


You can also post a job on a freelance board to pay for the building of a list based on follower count. This is not a good way to go, as it doesn’t really target the right people, and it’s not an organic way to grow your list. There are, however, numerous outsourcing companies that specialize in just this thing, and since you’ll no doubt stumble upon them, it’s something that should be mentioned as being out there. Whether you actually want to do this or not, that is up to you.


Make sure they understand what it is that you are paying for, not just counts of people who are being added to your list. It should be highly targeted people who are interested in your products and services. You don’t want to pay someone to build fake profiles so they can all link to you and have you pay them.

That’s useless to you. You also don’t want to use robots to follow people automatically, unless it’s highly targeted and well managed. This is another way to “hire a social media expert in a box” by getting software that lets you target and add followers in your niche without too much extra effort on your part. Hummingbird is one such package that Internet marketers use to create large, targeted lists.

Harvesting Emails To A Central List

Once you start getting a large number of followers, and you are using your status updates to market them back to intermediary areas, you will start to get a steady flow of people who are going to sign up for your free offers and giving permission to market to them. You have to be ready for that eventuality by having some service for list building set up where you can harvest emails and create a central list for all of these people who are coming from different social networks and websites around the Internet.

As long as they’re all in the same niche, they should all be on one central list. Later, you can start to separate them out into category lists for whether they are low-income, mid-income, or high-income customers.


One such service for list building is called It is popular because it isn’t too expensive, and it has a lot of good features for email marketing. What’s the point of collecting all of these emails and not marketing to them, right?

AWeber will help you to develop email campaigns so that you can track and fine-tune to create income from all of the list-building activities you’ve implemented.


Great features included in are the ability to track open and click-through rates. You will not only be able to find out who is opening your emails, but how many of those people clicked on the links within your emails.

They also have the ability to do split testing, so that half of the people on your email list get one version of an email and the other half get a different version. That way, you can see if there is any improvement in the open and click-through rates, and which version appealed more to your mailing list.


After you get the hang of email marketing, you’ll want to create multiple lists and campaigns for different segments of your demographics. Maybe you want to market lower-priced products to your low-income group and more expensive products to your higher-income group. You can do this with AWeber and keep the central all-inclusive list for informational emails alone.list building home buisness hq

The more you work with an email campaign manager, the more you start to see profits from the activities of list building and marketing. It can help you to plan your sales months ahead of time and to keep money flowing in so that you can pay others to do your social networking for you, while you hang around and collect the checks.


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