Flashdance Gorilla and 5 More Viral Video Examples

Have you seen the Flashdance Gorilla? If you have, you’ve probably also seen how that simple video totally blew up and was featured just about everywhere on the internet.

So how can you get your videos to go viral? Look for clues here…

Oh, hi there. Have you heard the news about video? It’s becoming really important for marketers to use. Imperative, even. Perhaps mandatory.

“Sure,” you must be thinking. “And in other news, the sky is blue.”

Okay, we get it. You know how important video is. That much is clear. In fact, 94% of marketers plan to add either YouTube or Facebook video to their content distribution efforts in the next 12 months. And that’s great — but we have a question. What makes a video viral?

According to Dictionary.com, to go viral means to become “very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the internet.” And when executed well, that virality can last for a while — in fact, I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite ways to reminisce about my childhood is to ask my peers, “Remember that old jingle that went like … ?”

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