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How to Add PayPal Buttons to your Website

Add PayPal Buttons and Get Paid for Your Offers Adding a PayPal button is one of the easiest ways for the online newbie to get paid. Setting up an account is easy and virtually anyone can do it. There are fees associated with taking payments,…

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How to Upload Files to your Website Using FTP

How to Upload Files to Your Website. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This is the way in which you will be putting your website files from your computer onto the World Wid Web. It’s quite a simple process to upload files once you know…

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5 Web Design Tips for a Professional Site

Much like fashion, web design is constantly changing with trends and fads coming and going.¬†When it comes to creating a website that will make a professional impression, you will always do well to keep everything up to date and on trend. After all, when you…

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