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Investments, Money and Parrots.

In a village, there lived two friends, John and Don. John was very wise and Don – not so much. One day, the two set out for the market in the nearby town to do some shopping. On reaching the market place, they were happy…

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10 easy steps to help your business flourish on Facebook

Whether your business is new to Facebook marketing or just in need of a refresh, columnist Will Scott’s Facebook Social Media Marketing tips will help you build a vibrant and engaged Facebook presence. If your business isn’t making itself visible on Facebook, then you’re missing…

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How to avoid the pitfalls of social media marketing

Getting social media strategies right can be a great way for a business to engage with its target market, says Dasha Amrom Play the social media game right and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be great for engaging with your business’s target market….

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