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Scientific Tricks to Tell Brand Stories

How do you move your audience to action with stories? How do you create content that burrows into brains, slams into cells and triggers an exciting cavalcade of chemicals? By using science, that’s how:  

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50 Small Business Ideas for the Homeworker

Stay at Home Business Ideas for the HomeWorker Virtual Assistant Virtual assistants work on a contract basis with different businesses and individuals. They can handle a multitude of tasks remotely including email responses, scheduling and social media. Blogger If you’re a skilled writer, you can start…

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What Are Your Problems in Internet Marketing?

Hi Everyone. We here at the Home Business HQ would like to know where you guys have problems when it comes to running your own E-commerce or Internet Marketing websites? Do you have problems with: Research Product selection Web Design Advertising Traffic generation Copy Writing…

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Clean Up Your PC for Free

The latest piece of free software we have found here at Home Business HQ is a clean up utility from Kurt Zimmermann Software called Tweak Power. Still in it’s Beta stage at the moment, we would advise you to be careful with it and don’t…

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Feeling Overwhelmed By a Task?

Feeling Overwhelmed By a Task?   Let’s say you want to write a book, but you’re putting off getting started because it’s too overwhelming. Try this: Instead of “writing a book,” write one word. Just one. When you’ve written it, write a second word, and…

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Can’t Focus? Try This

Can’t Focus? Try This:   If you’re thinking you have thousands things to do today and you can’t focus on any single one of them, maybe you need to make a to-do list.   By writing down everything that is spinning through your brain, you…

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