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Using Our Greatest Weakness As An Online Strength

Understanding modern behavior is the reason that all marketing companies make millions – they research people’s greatest fears, wants, desires and motivations and based on that, they develop a product (whether useful or not) and sell it to us knowing that we will be compelled…

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Investments, Money and Parrots.

In a village, there lived two friends, John and Don. John was very wise and Don – not so much. One day, the two set out for the market in the nearby town to do some shopping. On reaching the market place, they were happy…

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Is Online Marketing Too Hard for You?

I got another email the other day from someone lamenting at how darn difficult it is to start and run an online business. He went on and on about his struggles, challenges, problems…  how he didn’t have anyone to sit right there and show him…

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15 Discomforts that Lead to Success

If you always stay in your comfort zone, you won’t grow. So can you handle some uncomfortable things in the name of success? I think you can. By the way, my personal favorite is number 12 – Go ahead, get in over your head. The…

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Mastery Comes First

Don’t focus on expecting things to happen really fast. Instead, if you focus on building your skills, then your gifts will make room for you. Have patience. Yes, you want it all right now. But you’ve got to commit to mastery first. If you want…

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