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Scientific Tricks to Tell Brand Stories

How do you move your audience to action with stories? How do you create content that burrows into brains, slams into cells and triggers an exciting cavalcade of chemicals? By using science, that’s how:  

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10 Ways to Distribute One Piece of Content

Long gone are the days of the old publish-and-pray method of content distribution. And even if it ever did work — it was far from effective.Today, planning the actual distribution of the content you’ve spent so many hours and resources expertly creating is just as…

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Top 5 Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Make Youtube videos on your niche Youtube is an excellent free source of traffic is used correctly. Try to make 2-3 simple videos concerning your niche and link them back to your website etc. This is both a tool of traffic and trust-building. 2….

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The Secret Formula that Sold Millions of Dollars of Digital Products

There’s a common (but wrong) belief that complicated business pitches are more persuasive, because they sound ‘sophisticated’ or ‘intelligent’. Complicated messaging can be effective in the right context–delicate political gymnastics or hide-the-ball legal arguments, for example. But in business (and particularly in sales and copywriting),…

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What Is Content Marketing?

Listen. If you are even remotely connected to the business, marketing, and advertising world, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “content marketing.” You’ve at least been exposed to it through: Blogs Podcasts Videos Search engine optimization Email autoresponders White papers Copywriting Social media Landing pages…

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